Day 677

Peace and joy happen neither in the quietness of the forest nor out of the accomplishments of the marketplace, but only from within ~ Sadguru

Today’s yoga practice was a 20 minute video, Yoga Stretches for Back Pain, Sciatica and Neck Pain by Jen Hilman – and I even ended up sleeping in 15 minutes later than normal, and was able to do the 20 minute video! (initially I was just going to do a 12 minute one, but didn’t feel up to doing Pigeon pose which I saw on the front image of the video!

Today’s Daily Calm (which I did at about 2:30am when I woke up in the middle of the night because I was too warm (and uncomfortable) despite sleeping downstairs in the living room where it was cooler!), was entitled Inner Work, and talked about how it’s important not just to focus on everything going on outside of you in your life, but also what’s going on INSIDE of you! Which is why meditation practice is so great because it allows you some space to focus on your inner world instead of your outer world, and most of us ignore or don’t pay attention to what goes on inside us! and it IS work, we have work to do inside – just like we have work to do outside, in our relationships, our workplaces, our lives in general – we can’t ignore those areas of our lives and neither should we ignore the inner areas of our lives either, even if sometimes they’re more difficult, and foreign and subtle to deal with!



Day 676

We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep ~ William James

This morning’s yoga practice before work was a 14 minute Yoga for Flexibility by Jen Hilman which focused on movements to strengthen the knees and stretch the feet and find movement in the ankles as well. Because it was so short though, I might do another yoga video when I get home today – perhaps Yoga with Adriene’s TRUE Day 24 – Be Kind, since it is also short (13 minutes).

Today’s Daily Calm was called Interconnectedness, and talked about how we often feel like we’re separate from everyone and everything, but really everything is connected! The narrator told a story – to imagine holding a single blueberry in your palm and then think about everything that went into you holding that blueberry in your palm – the worms that fertilized the earth that allowed the plants to grow, the weather (sun and rain) that helped it grow, the farmers that harvest them, the truck drivers that take the blueberries to the grocery stores, the store employee that stocks the blueberries on the shelves in little baskets – all this happens to allow you to be holding the blueberry in your hand! it’s all interconnected!

Day 675

I need to take a sacred pause, as if i were a sun warmed rock in the centre of a rushing river ~ Dawna Markova

Today’s yoga was a 23 minute Weightloss – Thighs and Glutes practice from Jen Hilman, and man it really was challenging in the legs! and I was really sweating by the end of it even though there wasn’t tons of movement -but I think that was mainly because it was really hot out (even so early in the morning!).

Today’s Daily Calm was called Pausing, and had us concentrating on the tiny pause in between the inhale and the exhale breath…it was hard to find it because it is so subtle and brief, it requires a lot of focus and concentration to even notice it!

Day 674

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes. Even you ~ Anne Lamott
Today’s yoga was a new Yoga with Adriene video, a 23 minute Yoga for Insecurity practice which started off slowly, with a long period seared at the start where she just talked. And then we moved to slow cat cow and balancing cat, and then down dog, plank, side plank and forearm pkank with some child’s pose thrown in a few times.
Today’s Daily Calm meditation was about Burnout. We did a body scan Meditation, and then discussed burnout and how not to get burned out by listening to yourself and resting when you need to and not pushing past your limits! As today’s quote says – if you unplug for a few minutes and reset yourself, you’ll work better!

Day 673

The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper ~ W.B. Years
This morning’s yoga practice was Yoga for centering relaxing and strengthening a 23 minute Jen Hilman video – I’m working my way through all the free videos on her channel (there isn’t all that many!). It was a nice practice that was really only about 17 minutes because the first and last 3 minutes were just sitting and breathing. Later in the day my neck was feeling really sore and stiff so i did another Jen Hilman video, a short 10 minute Yoga for Neck and Shoulders and I felt much better after neck rolls and shoulder massage!
Today’s Daily Calm was about Magic, and trying to become more observant in your daikd life, to see the magic that can be found anywhere and in anything, if you just pause and pay attention and look closely…life is full of magic! (And speaking of mahic, I’m just starrsta to read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love.

Day 672

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance ~ Alan Watts
Todays yoga was Yoga for flexibility of hips and hamstrings  a 19 minute videoby Jen Hilman. I’m really enjoying her videos on her YputiYo channel, so I’ve not been doing the monthly Yoga with Adriene calendar much this month and instead doing these new videos I’ve never done before. It was a great practice because my hamstrings have been sore and tight.
Today’s Daily Calm was about Change and how change is the only real constant in life! We all go through changes, both hood and bad…

Day 671

Concentration and mindfulness go hand in hand in the job of meditation…their cooperation results in insight and understanding ~ Bhante Gunaratana

Today’s Yoga was an 18 minute practice from Jen Hilman for Post Workout Yoga…even though I hadn’t done a workout and I had just woken up and it’s my morning practice…I chose it because it was short! It was an interesting practice, but nice and slow which was good for first thing in the morning!

I might even do some more yoga when I get home – probably another Jen Hilman video like her half hour Yoga for Relaxation.

Today’s Daily Calm meditation was about Magnification – the combination of concentration and mindfulness helps to magnify your meditation practice.