Day 325

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light ~ Aristotle

This morning I did Day 3 of Sean Vigue’s 7 day Beginner Yoga Challenge, a Full body stretch routine for 17 minutes. I decided to do Day 3 to wake up as my morning yoga instead of day 2 which was more sedentary and just seated hamstring and hips stretch (which I did later in the day, after work with my husband!) he agreed to it because I said it was easy gentle stretches, all on the ground and only 15 minutes.

Edit: okay, that didn’t go the best. My husband is not flexible, so we’ll need to work on that. He couldn’t do a lot of the poses without discomfort in his legs…so after that he was tired out and lay down on his mat and had a rest…and during that time I did Day 2 of the Fightmaster Beginner Yoga Challenge! ha

Today’s meditation from the Daily Calm app was about Indecision and how it’s hard to make decisions sometimes because every day we make tons of small, tiny decisions from what to wear and what to eat, and then there’s bigger more impactful decisions like selling a house or whatever. Everyone has so many decisions to make and it helps to slow down with mindfulness and breath and meditation to give yourself more space to make the best decision.