Day 313

Learning how to be still, to really be still and let life happen – that stillness becomes a radiance ~ Morgan Freeman

Today’s yoga was my yoga class where I had 7 people, and 3 of them were totally new! so that was interesting. I had a strange anxiety dream last night about missing my yoga class lol and I thought i’d be nervous, but I wasn’t! and everyone really loved it, including the new people, so YAY! Happy! Today’s class was based on the 3rd Niyama as a theme which is about self-discipline or enthusiam – aka Tapas in Sanskrit. And it was great.

Today I did my Daily Calm meditation before I left the house – the title of today’s practice was Lobsters and I was like ‘what?’. But she talked about how people kind of have an emotional barrier or shell around them, and how lobsters outgrow their shells when they get too tight as they are growing, and so they shed them and become vulnerable, so that they can grow bigger and then grow another shell around themselves. So it’s interesting that us humans have ‘shells’ to protect us – from bad things in life – or emotions, we shut down and put up walls…when really we should be removing our shells and putting up less barriers to other people!