Day 301

Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand. ~ Mother Teresa

Today I did a gentle yet strengthening 20 minute morning yoga video from YogaTX, which focused on the core. It was great. Not very strenuous at all, but because it’s so warm here, any movement made me sweat!

Today’s Daily Calm meditation topic was on Pausing – more specifically, focusing on the pause, the stillness in between breaths, at the end of the inhale and after the exhale, before the next in-breath. Focusing on that space, that calm still spot, reminds you to appreciate the pauses in life – that it is good to pause and appreciate the moments you have to rest and relax and breathe and not always be go-go-go!

Later in the day I did a short Mandala practice, a 15 minute Dianne Bondy video from Yoga International