Day 299

Out of difficulties grow miracles. ~ Jean de la Bruyere

Man am I glad I decided to do my morning yoga… well, in the morning before I went to work! Thankfully it was a short 23 minutes and I actually woke up 10 minutes early so I had time to squeeze it in. I did the latest morning yoga video from YogaTX. I wouldn’t have had time otherwise because my dad showed up in town unexpectedly – I thought he was coming a few days from now as he said he was going to be on vacation for a week and then stay at our place one night before making the final leg of his journey home. So I was caught off guard when he texted me around 1:30 in the afternoon wondering when I finished work because he was in town already just picking up some BBQ pork and duck from his favourite Asian supermarket here in the city that he doesn’t have at home. So I immediately freaked out because we didn’t have the spare bed set up for him to sleep on and the house was a mess! It all worked out in the end and we spent a nice afternoon together then the 3 of us (my husband being the third) went out for a nice Indian meal. Suffice it to say I didn’t have time to do yoga the rest of the day so I would’ve broken my 546 day streak!

Today’s Daily Calm, which as usual, I did while walking to work (I know it’s kind of cheating a bit since I’m not actually sitting still to meditate but I try to focus on the breath while walking!) was about holding space – holding space for yourself, and listening to what you need for self care, and also holding space for others and bring there to listen when they need an ear.