Day 297

Still, like air, I rise ~ Maya Angelou

Today I started with the Daily Calm meditation which was about Grounding – helpful with people who suffer from anxiety – to focus on and feel solid, tacticle aspects of their bodies – like focusing on their hands, or their feet on the ground.

Today’s yoga was just my yoga class that I taught to 6 people (which was basically the exact same class I taught to one single person last class!). And i’m gaining more interest every day and more people contacting me to ask if they can come to my class which is great!

Today’s class I referred to as a back to basics class – just a few mindful sun salutations (with chair and cat cow thrown in) and then a warrior 2/reverse warrior sequence, and then a seated twist, bound angle and then going onto the back for a restorative matsyasana (fish pose) with people just lying on a bolster for a chest opening. Then we hugged knees in, did a supine twist and tada, class is done! I was nervous for yesterday’s class because one of the fitness instructors at my work asked if she could take my class because she was teaching a HIIT class right after. But afterward she said she really enjoyed it!