Day 295

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door ~ Milton Berle

Today is the last day of the Yoga With Adriene 7 day At Home Retreat! Today’s morning video was a 25 minute Gentle Morning Yoga sequence, and later on in the day was the 35 minute Yoga for Gratitude practice since the theme or journal prompt for today is Gratitude.

I woke up at 4:30am and went downstairs and saw my dog was panting heavily so I decided to open the windows downstairs to let cool air in, and then just decided to do the morning yoga video. It was nice and gentle and easy. Then I did the Daily Calm meditation which was about Patience. I curled up on the couch next to one of the open windows. Then I went back to bed at 5:30 til 9. And because it’s supposed to be a high of 29 degrees (celcius) today, I decided to just do the second video early as well. It started off with sitting for a few minutes, followed by a very long child’s pose asking us to think about what we’re grateful for. It was another gentle and easy practice.

And then it’s also suggested to take a nature walk today as well…I’m not sure that’s going to happen! But I am going to have to walk to get the SkyTrain (the subway of sorts) to go to a friend’s birthday get together….not that there’s tons of nature though