Day 293

In a gentle way, you can shake the world. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

I made myself get up earlier than I wanted to so I’d be able to get this morning’s yoga practice done before leaving the house to take our dog for a long walk through forest trails. I dragged myself out of bed to do Day 5 of the Yoga With Adriene At Home Retreat video for this morning, Yoga to Greet the Day, a 40 minute practice in the morning (but the first 10 minutes are so is just sitting so that was good!). The continuation of the practice was a 24 minute Yoga to Calm Your Nerves  video after I got home from being out all morning, and the ending my day (and today’s practices) with an 11 minute Meditation for Inner Peace practice.

After the morning yoga session I did today’s 10 minute Daily Calm meditation which was called ‘Shine’ and asking us to try and find our True Selves, with some more self inquiry and examination through breath work, and being with any thoughts or emotions that came up and working with them.

Journal topic: Quiet. This is a topic I know a lot about, being the introverted person that I am. I relish quiet and me time, time for myself, by myself, and I realized in the 2 YWA videos I’ve done so far today, that they were both very introspective, and in a way, ‘quiet’ allowing us to be with our breath and with the poses. Nice! (which is one of the reasons I guess, that I love yoga so much – it allows you to just BE yourself – with yourself, in yourself, of yourself. Be your body and be your breath. Just BE. Beautiful!