Day 292

The power of imagination makes us infinite. ~ John Muir

I did today’s daily calm meditation walking to work. It was about Metta – the Pali word for loving kindness. So it was your basic loving kindness mantra meditation: May I be happy, May I be safe, May I be Well, May I be at Peace (or something like that – maybe those are the words/phrases to the loving kindness meditation I learned during my yoga teacher training!)

Today’s yoga practice, Day 4 of the At Home Retreat was started with Yoga to get the juices flowing, a short 8 minute video I had time to do before going to work. After work I did the 24 minute Yoga Stretch video, a nice and gentle flow, followed by the short 10 minute Yoga for Self Care.

Today’s Yoga with Adriene Retreat journal prompt was: Explore. Hmmm. What does she mean by that exactly? I’m going to take it as self- exploration – self-inquiry, exploration of the inner self. I went to an info session for a yoga for chronic pain management course I plan on taking in September, and we were lead through a short trauma-sensitive yoga practice and invited to explore how we felt in each pose, some inquiry into the pose. I think it’s good to explore your inner world just as much as exploring your outer world (through travel etc).