Day 291

Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud. ~ Maya Angelou

I’m playing catch up here. I’m actually 3 days behind with this blog (but you wouldn’t know it because I just set it to post on the right day).

I started today’s retreat day with the prescried Energizing Morning Yoga Sequence. But I didn’t actually have time to do it in the morning before work, so instead did the 24 minute video when I got home, immediately followed by the next prescribed video, the 28 minute Freedom Glow yoga, so I did just about an hour of yoga together, after work.

I did today’s Daily Calm meditation before work though, which was talking about the fascinating concept of Ubuntu, which means humanity, or humanity towards others – working together as the human race to support and uplift each other in order to move forwards in life. Such a beautiful idea! It is an African term which also means: the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity, according to Wikipedia. I just love the meditation and learning about the enlightening concept of ubuntu!

Today’s journal topic is (was?): Hope. That’s kind of vague. Hope that I have for myself? my hope for the future? My hope for humanity? maybe a more specific hope? like I hope to lose some weight? or I hope my dad has a nice vacation next week when he goes to the interior to visit friends and family? kind of not really sure what to say here!