Day 289

Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines ~ Robert H. Schuller
Today I started the first day (one day behind) of a Find What Feels Good at home ‘retreat’ put together by Yoga With Adriene – a 7 day guide of yoga videos and journaling etc to do each today.
Today (or rather it was actually for  yesterday, Sunday, but i’d already done my yoga for the day) was to start your day with a morning yoga practice – Yoga to Start Your Day! an awesome morning practice that I actually did a few weeks ago (again). It was 27 minutes, so after that I basically poured myself a cold brew coffee and ran out the door to get to work on time! And later in the ‘Retreat’ schedule I’m  supposed to do Balancing Ocean Flow, a video I actually did a few weeks ago when I wanted a bit more of a vigorous practice.
Every day of the Retreat also has you doing some journaling. Today’s journal topic is: Intention . At the beginning of the morning yoga practice, we were asked to set an intention for the day. My intention was to be healthy…which I already failed thanks to the cheese and green onion scone my husband brought home last night from a cafe for me! (which is yum! i’m slowly eating it throughout the day)… but I do have a salad for lunch today so that’s something! and I had ‘Weight Control’ high protein oatmeal and a high protein greek yogurt for breakfast this morning so… does that cancel out the scone?! haha.
As what seems to be the usual, I did my Daily Calm meditation today on the walk to work. Today’s theme or topic was Clarity, and we did a sensory clarity exercise focusing our attention on our hands and how they feel, any sensations or anything we might feel if we REALLY pay attention to our hands. My hands were holding my coffee cup and my lunch bag so, that was all I could really focus on! I finished the daily calm half way to work so then I did a 10 minute walking meditation to help me go the rest of the way. I really enjoy the walking meditations, because it reminds you to be very mindful of everything – of your feet on the ground, of how your body moves as you walk, of the sights and sounds and scents all around you…it’s great. You really SEE things clearly instead of just …well, not really seeing or feeling things as you walk. It seems like most of us walk around in a sort of daze!