Day 286

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. ~ Albert Einstein

This morning’s half hour yoga video a 30 minute full body yoga workout by yoga TX was interrupted by a mouse in our kitchen! Well actually it was interrupted by my husband waking up. I had seen the mouse before starting the yoga video while washing the dishes in the kitchen it ran along the wall and towards the back door. I even put up a barricade of boxes to try and Corner the mouse in a small part of the Kitchen near the back door and I didn’t want to wake my husband up by moving all the shoes from the shoe rack and all our bags in our coat closet so I went and did the yoga TX video first until I got a text from my husband saying morning and then I stopped the video and went upstairs to tell him about the mouse in our kitchen. And then I came back downstairs to finish the video the last 15 minutes and then waited for him to get up until we started to search for the mouse (which we didn’t find but now we have a clean coat closet and backdoor area where our shoes are kept!).

We then went out so that my husband could go up to Whitecaps soccer training and while I waited for him to finish what he needed to do there, I did my daily calm meditation which was about Thinking. I was sitting in the car in the warm sunshine and I think I almost fell asleep at certain points!