Day 284

What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality. ~ Plutarch

Today’s daily calm I listened to on the walk to work, but I liked it so much (and can’t really get a proper guides Meditation while walking unless it’s a walking meditation) that I did it again after my yoga practice when I got home from work today. I’d been suffering from cramps and achey back all afternoon so I couldn’t wait to get into some comfy clothes and I ended up doing two 15 minute Sarah Beth Yoga videos: yoga for PMS and yoga for cramps.

And then I properly listened to the Daily Calm meditation on my comfy meditation cushion. I loved today’s topic about space and feeling the space around you…your aura (without actually saying so). It was awesome! I felt I could actually FEEL the space just outside my I was sitting inside a bubble of… something? Anyway, I really loved the different focus instead of ‘just’ on the breath as normal. It was also mentioned that without space, the galaxies, universe and nothing would exist without the container of space. Really interesting to think about!