Day 281

There is nothing impossible to him who will try ~ Alexander the Great

I actually slept in this morning til quarter to 9! Mainly because I didn’t get to bed until 2:30am…we got home from our week long trip to the States down the Oregon coast at just after 1am, and then we unpacked all our food (saving the suitcase for today). When I got up I did a half hour morning yoga video from Yoga International called Active and Alive: a short flow to get you energized (‘short’ being 30 minutes!). Which I then followed up (after having to move upstairs to do the last 10 minutes of the video because my husband had woken up and came down to watch TV where i was doing my yoga in the living room) with a 10 minute core sequence by Luke Ketterhagen called Awaken Your Inner Fire. And then I did today’s Daily Calm which was a Body Scan meditation (my favourite type!) to allow us to learn Non-Reactivity when we experience or sense a sensation.