Day 266

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. ~ Andy Warhol

Today I actually slept in and got up at 8am! Then I went downstairs in the rental house we’re staying in on vacation and did an hour of yoga videos from Yoga International, starting with a 15 min yoga to start your day, then a hf hour morning flow and ending with a 20 minute ‘wind down’ video. Then I went back upstairs and sat in one of the armchairs looking out the big living room windows towards the ocean and did a Daily Calm meditation on grief that was done live yesterday on Facebook. The original meditation on grief was from back in April but that was before I’d subscribed to the app, so missed it. It was great. So beautiful. I cried most of the time though, which was good anyway and very cathartic. Then I did today’s daily calm which was about Time – clock time versus human time – how our perception of time changes depending on what we’re doing – it can move fast or slow…