Day 260

The things that we love tell us what we are. ~ Thomas Aquinas

Today’s yoga was a short 15 minute afternoon pick me up session from Yoga International (as part of their 15 for 30 challenge – 15 minute videos for 30 days), and then I followed it with Yoga With Adriene’s gentle and relaxing Yoga for Migranes new video (I don’t suffer from migranes but it’s not JUST for people with migranes, but anyone who wants some self care, which was how I felt after work today – not from work itself but due to the fact I didn’t sleep well again and I think allergies are draining my energy the last few days, and the turn in the weather today to cold and rainy from the last few days of hot and sunny…I just felt like taking some ‘me’ time today to recuperate!

Today’s Daily Calm meditation was about ‘Stories’ – meaning the stories we tell ourselves – whether positive (which is probably rarely) or more negative and destructive (which is more common unfortunately!)…we all have stories about ourselves and our lives and who we are, and we should be conscious of them and if they are negative to try and reframe them into something more positive.