Day 257

Nothing liberates our greatness like the desire to help, the desire to serve. ~ Marianne Williamson

Today I did some gentle morning yoga videos from Yoga International – a 20 minute gentle morning routine where we did some interesting things like swinging legs back and forth and side to side, along with supine twists and cat cow and down dog, and ended with my favourite pranayam practice: Nadi Shodan. and then a 15 minute wake up ritual where we did more interesting stuff like massaging the hands and feet, and we also did a down dog, cat cow, child’s pose, reach up sequence a few times, and did some kapalabhati breahting exercises too!

I followed my gentle morning practice with my Daily Calm meditation which was all about Support – finding support from others for your meditation practice to help you cultivate a daily practice!

After I woke up from an afternoon nap which left me feeling drained and blah because I over slept and slept over an hour, I did day 9 – Ultimate Cardio and day 10 – Total Body Shred of the Yoga Shred on YouTube to reinvigorate me, and followed it with a 15 minute wake up routine again from Yoga International where we did some down dogs, low lunges,  gate pose, standing arm swings, chair pose and some standing abdominal squeezes (kind of like cat cows) among other things. Then I decided to do the ‘live’ half hour Facebook class that Dianne Bondy did this morning that I didn’t know about and missed! but now it’s on Facebook forever so I did her morning wake up session! Lots of morning yoga routines throughout all of today! haha