Day 255

The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.” ~ Ernest Hemingway

Today I did a short 10 minute low back yoga routine before work, on Do You Yoga (the free EveryBody yoga series), and then I did my daily calm meditation which was about Karma (which obviously made me too calm and relaxed because I forgot both my lunch AND my yoga clothes today! (but I had some spare clothes at work so phew!)).

And then today I taught my first ‘official’ yoga class at work today! Only 2 people showed up when I was expecting about 5 or 6, but 2 people had a meeting they couldn’t get out of (the same meeting) and one person was busy, and another was sick! Hopefully next week there will be more people! Anyways it was great – the theme of the class was Asteya or Non-Stealing, the 3rd of the Yamas. At the beginning of class one of the 2 students had said she wasn’t into the chanting of OM so she wouldn’t be doing that, and the other student said she enjoyed it – so to each their own! I had said at the beginning of class that if you didn’t feel comfortable with chanting OM, if chanting wasn’t your thing, that’s totally fine, that you could just be there and listen.

And I’m heading out in about an hour for a yoga teacher training program get together! a check in, catch up and yoga class (that I think we’re all going to take parts teaching!). Should be fun!