Day 254

Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees all others ~ Winston Churchill

Today I did 4 rounds of sun salutation to help wake up my body before leaving for work. I had a rough sleep last night due to 1) allergies and congestion and 2) a windstorm that we had here that was blowing throughout the night kept me up (but at least it helped cool down the hot weather we’ve had the last few days!). When I got home from work I did a happy hips 10 minute video from EveryBody yoga series from Do You Yoga – basically a cross legged forward fold and then Eagle pose. Then I did day 8 of the yoga shred!

Today’s Daily Calm was about Acceptance and a reminder to try and live in the present moment and accept your situation, whatever it is, to the degree that you can (if it is something that you cannot change, even if it is a negative experience.