Day 250

Happiness doesn’t depend on any external conditions, it is governed by our mental attitude ~ Dale Carnegie

Yesterday I decided to kickstart my fitness again by doing the 14 day Yoga Shred by Sadie Nardini on DoYouYoga…but since the videos are only about 10 minutes each, I did 2 in a row! But first, I needed to wake up and warm up my body before jumping right into cardio first thing in the morning about 6:30am! So I did  a 10 minute fast morning yoga video which was exactly what I needed and had all the poses to throughly warm up and stretch out the body. Then I moved right intoDay 1 of Sadie’s Yoga Shred followed by Day 2 of the Yoga Shred. Then I did my Daily Calm meditation which today was about Perfectionism, and how you don’t need to strive for perfectionism – at least in your meditation practice! because how does that help you relax and focus on your breath? you need to be easy on yourself and just let your practice be what it will be!

Then we took our dog for a nice hour walk – it was actually a warm spring day – getting up to 20 degrees (celcius) – finally! And because I am now by myself in the house, I decided to do a nice relaxing yoga video, and I found a 5 day (5 video) series on yoga for relaxation by YogaTX, so I did Day 1’s half hour yoga for relaxation, and I’ll probably do day 2 tomorrow to balance out the next 2 Yoga Shred videos! I’ve decided to do 2 yoga shred videos at a time, since they are all about 10 minutes each…and even though they are in a HIIT style, 10 minutes just doesn’t seem long enough to me!