Day 247

Ahimsa is an attribute of the brave. Cowardice and ahimsa don’t go together any more that water and fire. ~ Ghandi

Today I taught yoga to one person today at my work – which I was fine with because she was a beginner and had some questions (about pranayama – and specifically the belly breathing – she said when she inhaled, her stomach didn’t expand out). I tried to do a short class within 40 minutes (the person’s lunch break) but because we kind of broke down pose and workshopped stuff (like ujjayi breath), I didn’t even get a chance to go through my whole class plan – but my student loved the class and said she didn’t want it to end and that she could do it all day (even though we went past the 40 minutes), and she said she felt all relaxed after! Which is SO GREAT! (even though we actually had to skip shavasana and meditation! boo!). I walked the new yogi through Ujjayi breath as the pranayama practice (and 3 part or yogic breath as well). The theme of today’s class I repeated from a couple weeks ago – Ahimsa, or non-violence or compassion.

Anyway, I came home with a headache from work so then decided to do a vigorous flow from Yoga With Adriene, a 25 minute Ocean Balancing Flow , which was exactly what I needed!




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