Day 244

Either you run the day or the day runs you ~ Jim Rohn

Today is day 499 of consecutive yoga for me! (which means tomorrow is day 500!). Okay now that I got that out of the way…

Today I watched a couple workshops and lectures on day 2 of the Master Teachers Yoga summit that was free this weekend through Yoga International. I took lots of notes on a class all about cueing by Jill Miller. And I took more notes on a half hour lectures by Shari Friedrichsen on Intelligent Sequencing, and then I did a one hour class video by her where she lead us (well, me) through everything she’d talked about in the lecture, which she started with talking about some yoga philosophy, specifically about the koshas and the spiritual/subtle layers of the body, leading up to our physical body. The one hour class included warm ups, pranayam and meditation – which is what I include in my style of yoga class! so I was happy to see that! ūüôā

And then I watched a brief talk by Dianne Bondy about the Power of Language in yoga class – how it can be helpful or harming, inspiring or devastating. A couple things she talked about were:

  1. manage expectations ¬†don’t tell students to get into the ‘full expression of the pose’ but have them find THEIR expression of the pose! and use language instead of I WANT you to do this, say I INVITE you…
  2. aoid making judgement statements – for example even giving pose levels as ‘options’ people might assign a value to each option – option 1, 2 and 3 of Tree pose for example. People might think option 3 is ‘better’ than options 1. So try and use terminology that can’t be assigned a value.
  3. call props tools instead of props – props are a TOOL – to add resistence, stability etc, not something you need because you ‘can’t do’ a ‘full pose’
  4. language needs to be more concise – talk less, listen more – can we slow down our cueing and take a breath while teaching? – i DEFINITELY need to do this!

and then I went through 3 different practices that Dianne Bondy demonstrated for making sun salutations more accessible to people who may be bigger, or elderly or have some sort of dis-ability. The 3 videos were all 15 minutes long, the first one was sun salute on the floor, the second was on a chair and the 3rd was using the wall as a prop (or a tool as she said in her talk about language!). ¬†It’s great to see creative and inventive ways to sequence classes to make yoga accessible for all! I can’t wait to start learning and growing in my own teaching practice

So it’s been a great day of yoga learning and knowledge! As well I did my Daily Calm meditation this morning, about nurturing – basically about self nurturing and self love, and how the act of meditation is an act of self love in itself!

For some reason I haven’t received today’s Inspired Intention email! (day 29). Edit: okay, they seemed to accidentally delete a few people off their email lists (I got an email about this after I emailed them saying I hadn’t received day 29’s email!) so now I have it.

The theme/focus today is: I am Growing. and the quote attached to the email is by Mary Anne Radmacher:

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.

The journal prompt today was: What do I notice starting to compound into something greater that would have been impossible for me to see a month ago?

I notice that I am making healthier choices – in food, and also choosing to walk the long way home from work, even on the days I don’t feel like it because the weather is gross and cold and rainy (isn’t it spring? It’s mid-May for godsakes!). And I feel better about myself. I notice that I’m getting stronger. And today my running buddy said she’s going to start running again next week (or maybe even just briskly walking – baby steps!). So i’m going to join her and get back into running as well…once I get my weekly yoga class nailed down at work – need to figure out if Tuesday or Thursday works best for people!


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