Day 243

Change can be beautiful when we are brave enough to evolve with it, and change can be brutal when we fearfully resist. ~ Bryant McGill

Today’s yoga I did a LIVE practice with Yoga with Adriene! which was really cool and it was a free class but then asked for donations to benefit the Susan G. Komen breast cancer awareness campaign, so a very great cause! And it was also run/sponsored by Project OM and Manduka yoga mats and products.

The class started at 8am my time, and I woke up at 7am, and did my daily meditation with my Daily Calm app – today’s meditation was 10 minutes and the topic was success. And then I did Adriene’s class. I was supposed to go to a women’s only yoga talk today hosted by Sharmila Desai, an Ashtanga yoga teacher, but when I got to the bus stop, the traffic was queued back due to road construction, so I never would have made it on time! so I ended up just going home (and getting some errands done I wouldn’t have otherwise – like pick up a book on yoga at the Library – Baron Baptiste’s Perfectly Imperfect: the art and soul of yoga practice.

Today is day 28 of the 30 days of Brave challenge and the topic there is I Am Changing. Even though I’m not changing in terms of my goal for this challenge (weight loss), I know I am changing and evolving and growing every day into a more spiritual person and moving slowly forward on my yogic path and learning to live life as a yoga teacher! In fact, today’s journal prompt is:

Reflecting back a month, I have changed in the following way… and I think I just mentioned the way above! Though I am still trying to eat healthier and lose the bit of weight i’ve gained since my mom died (but no more excuses!).

Today is day 498 of me praticing yoga daily – i’m almost at the 500 day mark! WHOO!  I signed up for the Yoga International Yoga Teachers’ Master Summit and did 2 Shiva Rea videos – Rhythmic Vinyasa A and B where she broke down surya namaskar (or sun salutation) A & B.

And now time to get some flourless banana, peanut butter chocolate mini muffins out of their tray! (it’s all healthy! well, besides the mini chocolate chips…)


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