Day 242

Confidence is like a muscle: the more you use it, the stronger it gets. ~ Unknown

Today’s quote comes from Day 27 of the I Am Brave challenge. It’s like coming out of your comfort zone, each time you do it, it becomes easier and not as scary.

Today’s journal prompt is: What can I do today to act my way into more self-confidence?(e.g. make more eye contact, sit in the front row, walk taller and faster).

Well, considering I’m not planning on going anywhere or doing anything today, i’ll talk about tomorrow. Tomorrow i’m going to a women’s only yoga conference with some fellow yoga teachers to learn about women and the practice of yoga. So I will try to make more eye contact with people there and sit close to the front! I’m looking forward to it – and it’ll be nice to reconnect with my small group of yoga teachers/friends from my ‘element group’ though not all of them can make it.

Today’s yoga practice I did a 60 minute immunity boosting practice by Brett Larkin Yoga. I woke up at 6:30 this morning because I had gone to bed super early last night with feeling all wheezy and drained – a combination of alleries and feeling run down with a bit of a cold yesterday and the day before. Suffice it to say I had a lot of sleep! (about 10 and a half hours according to my Garmin) I was wanting to sleep in more, but I just couldn’t. So I got up. My husband isn’t getting up until 9:20 this morning so I had plenty of time to do my hour of yoga and some meditation with my Calm app (today’s daily calm was on Anxiety, following from the last few days talking about Depression (since it is Mental Health awareness month!).

Later in the day I did some brief restorative yoga, a video with Judith Hansen Lasater from Yoga U on Finding Stillness, even though I didn’t have all the props, I did have a bolster and a bolster substitute, and blocks and a blanket.



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