Day 241

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. ~ Joseph Campbell

Today I did a short 10 minute yoga for neck and shoulders at lunch and then when I got home from work, I did a half hour beginners flow from YogaTX.

Today’s Daily Calm meditation was about distortion of thoughts due to depression.. And I did the last day of the 21 days of Calm series, a 15 minute meditation with tips on how to bring mindfulness and being present into your everyday life – making the sound of planes something that reminds you to come into the present moment, or the changing of traffic lights, or set a alarm on your phone to remind yourself to pay attention. Great ideas to remind us to be awake and aware and living in the present moment, the now instead of the past or the future.

Today’s day 26 of the 30 days of Brave is I am Eustressed – the good kind of stress, that makes you step out of your comfort zone and do something that would cause you discomfort, but the act is a confidence building one. Stress isn’t always a bad thing and sometimes it is good, and helps you grow as a person from purposefully challenging yourself. (other times it is negative and has a negative impact on health and emotions – mind, body, spirit). Today’s journal prompt is: What types of stress has made me stronger?

I can think of 2 things off the bat.

  1. the death of my mom. was a huge amount of stress, but I have grown as a person in coping with the grief, and the passing of a loved one (i have never lost a close family member before – not including my grandpa on my mom’s side – he was fairly close but obviously not an immediate family member)
  2. taking my yoga teacher training. It was stressful and intimidating and nerve wracking, but I have grown so much in confidence from it! I never thought i’d be able to sit at the front of a room and TEACH people something!

And now, since it is the start of my weekend, i’m going to read the new book I just borrowed from the library – 59 Seconds: Think a little, change a lot by Richard Wiseman. I just started it yesterday and so far it’s really interesting!


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