Day 238

When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears ~ Tony Robbins

That is the quote on day 22 of the 30 Days of Brave, which is about I Am Grateful, and the task for today (which I didn’t do, but which I acknowledge is a great gratitude practice!) is to set a alarm for 3 different times during the day and whenever an alarm goes off, stop what you’re doing and think of 3 things you’re grateful for in that moment. What a great idea! As I was walking my dog todayon a sunny afternoon, I was grateful for all the flowers that are coming out and blooming – especially some nice bluebells type flowers I saw growing along the edge of someone’s yard.

Today’s yoga practice was a new Yoga With Adriene video – a nice half hour ‘core and booty’ workout, which is different from Adriene’s usual style which usually isn’t as cardio based – there were lots of squats! And also a 20 minute heart opening practice by YogaTX (while my husband napped on the couch downstairs)

Today’s 30 days of brave journal prompt is: Something I can see in my environment that brings me joy: Which is my dogs spot on the couch! I love sitting in his spot on the couch and looking out the window at all the birds.

Today’s Daily Calm 10 minute meditation was on Creativity that I did early this morning after I finished my first yoga practice. It was one of my least favourite daily Calm’s…as usually Tamara’s message is really concrete and strong and really resonates with me, but it didn’t feel very strong today. But this afternoon, at 5pm, after doing my second yoga practice of the day, I did day 18 of the 21 days of Calm which was about Impermanence. That was a great 16 minute meditation practice – and talked about how EVERYTHING is impermanent and the first great example of that is our breath – our inhale ends and changes into an exhale and our exhale ends and changes back into our inhale. It is impermanent – along with our emotions, sadness, anger, joy, and our physical aches and pains and other sensations – as we practiced being aware of sensations in the body and their impermanence, how they change from one thing to another. Also relationships with others change, and evolve. They are never permanent, always impermanent, including our relationship to ourselves! a very thought provoking guided meditaton for a Sunday afternoon!


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