Day 232

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new ~ Socrates

I did today’s fantastic Daily Calm meditation, which was all about savouring the morning and the potential that the very start of the day brings…. at 4pm when I got home from work today! If only I’d taken a look at the Daily Calm before work I would’ve done it before leaving this morning and it would have been more appropriate with the messages and intention behind it. But I can always listen to it again.

Today’s yoga was Yoga with Adriene’s 22 minute Yoga Tone video for weight loss, it was short but swift and challenging – especially the core stuff at the end!

Today’s 30 days of brave challenge intention is I Am Focused, and the brave acts is to focus your attention 100% on something (on how a shower feels, on how it feels where you are sitting right now reading this and taking a big deep breath and letting it go, and a third thing, to focus on the beat of your heart when you’re lying in bed tonight when you’re going to bed.

Today’s journal prompt is: Something or someone that will get 100% of my attention today (is it bad to say TV when we watch a few shows tonight?! haha!). Okay, seriously, is myself during my yoga practice!


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