Day 231

It’s not the lack of resources, it’s your lack of resourcefulness that stops you ~ Tony Robbins

Today after doing yesterday’s power flow video, I wanted to do another strength yoga routine so did Yoga With Adriene’s Yoga For Strength, a 40 minute vinyasa sequence. And I think I’ll continue with the strong yoga videos this whole week! I might even do a second strength yoga video later tonight when my husband is out at some soccer games!

Today’s Daily Calm mediation, which I haven’t done yet, is all about Kindness – which is always something that is nice to be reminded of to be/do!

Today’s quote comes from today’s I Am Brave Challenge email.  It is day 15 of the 30 day I am Brave challenge theme (half way through!) is: I am resourceful. Today’s affirmation in the email I received was: My ability to appreciate and contribute does not depend on my access to resources. The fact that I’m using this journal is proof that I have recognized a need in myself and had the resourcefulness to acquire tools to help take me where I want to go. I will continue to listen to to the needs, beliefs, and emotions that are controlling me so I can develop further confidence in my journey forward. Journal prompts.

What resources would help me flourish in my 30 Day Challange?
(e.g. money, time, information, training, technology, people)

What resources would help me flourish in losing 5lbs? probably time and training and some support from people! In this case this week, my people support will be Adriene, from Yoga With Adriene, and my training will be doing just all her strength and/or weightloss yoga videos!

What emotions can I develop to elicit more of those resources?
(e.g. creativity, curiosity, determination, love, enthusiasm, honesty)

Well definitely determination, that’s a no brainer. And also enthusiasm, as well as love – love for myself, love for the process, love for where I am on my journey and where I am going (and not to be too hard on myself either!)


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