Day 230

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. ~ Colin Powell

Today I did 2 yoga workouts. I am trying to lose a bit of excess weight after all, so this afternoon I did Yoga With Adriene’s Shakti Power flow video that was an hour. It was JUST what I needed. This morning I did a 45 minute Yoga for Weightloss and Flexibility video. It was okay, but I much preferred YWA’s video, it’s more my style (hatha), and I worked up more of a sweat with Adriene’s video. I really felt it in my legs (thighs) today, especially my right thigh which is  sore after me slipping and falling (directly on my ass!) while hauling a heavy suitcase down a steep gravelly driveway to the car when we were packing up to head home from our vacation on the Oregon coast yesterday. Even though I fell on the left side of my butt (or sits bone as we say in yoga!) it seems like I did something to my right quad muscle at the same time because it’s sore too.

After this morning’s video I did my daily calm. The theme was a strange one – Dépaysement, which is a French word which refers to that feeling of disorientation that specifically arises when you are not in your home country or culture.

Today’s I am Brave the or focus was I Am Determined. the brave act of the day was to do one of 3 things: chew every bite of food 30 times, brush your teeth with the opposite hand or carry around something tempting with you. I chose brushing my teeth with my right hand (i’m left handed). It was difficult and I felt like I was brushing too hard! Very challenging.

Today’s journal prompts are: What has previously interfered with my ability to perform? (e.g. limiting beliefs, values, people, systems, etc)

Previously my negative self thinking, which I’ve been trying to catch myself on, and when I do I stop and immediately say the opposite (a positive phrase like I am awesome). Also previously was negativity from my mom (RIP mom!) who was quite a negative person a lot of the time, and said things to me about my weight in the past (but later she became less negative), so that was difficult, to deal with. But now I have no excuses to have anything interfere in my own health and wellbeing. After all it is MY wellbeing, no one else’s!

and Which of these are external limitations, and which are internal?

I think they are all internal limitations – self beliefs/self talk, and also internalizing stuff from other people or the environment or whatever..everything becomes internal eventually, I feel, even if it starts out as an external event…that’s our silly minds trying to play tricks on us again and make things seem more difficult than they actually are!


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