Day 229

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.~ Francis of Assisi

Today’s yoga was a great 25 minute energizing workout by YogaTX. I actually was a bit sweaty by the end of it! It really helped wake up the hips with lots of stretches and the spine with lots of twists. Great for warming up the body since most of the day will be sitting in a car traveling home. It’s about an 8 hour trip home but we’re stopping off to walk the dog on a few beaches and grabbing something for lunch (and dinner much later!) So we’ll probably get home in the small hours tomorrow (Saturday).

Today’s daily calm meditation was about Thinking vs awareness and what the difference is – how awareness is observing thoughts from the outside, as a witness. Which is basically the whole focus of mindfulness and meditation…to learn to not be so tied up directly in your thoughts and emotions and just to observe and watch from a distance and learn and grow, more spiritually, from them that way.

Today’s Brave challenge focus or theme is: I am ambitious. Just doing this challenge is ambitious! It’s good to have a clear and different thing to focus on each day to help move towards the goal (which is difficult when you’re on vacation I have to say! Haha).

Today’s journal prompts are:

If I wasn’t able to succeed in my 30-day goal what might be the biggest reason? 

The answer is simply discipline.


I can mitigate the risk of that happening by doing the following:

By being more disciplined. Saying no to that unhealthy pastry or item of food and choosing a healthier option – like boom chicka pop popcorn! Or one of Trader Joe’s awesome date and fig fruit and nut granola bars! Yum.


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