Day 228

There is progress whether ye are going forward or backward! The thing is to move! – Edgar Cayce

Today’s yoga was a 20 minute core strength routine. Followed by today’s daily calm which talked about a Japanese phrase called: mono no aware (pronounced ah-wahr-ay) basically meaning being aware of the impermanence of everything – and not just human life but everything in the universe. It was interesting good for thought.

Today’s I Am Brave challenge focus is: I am calculated – focused to achieve a goal. Today’s brave act is:Say ‘no’ to a pending invitation or opportunity that would get in the way of your current 30-day goal. Since my goal is to lose weight, today I said no to getting a baked good when we stopped to grab a coffee before taking the dog for a walk on the​ beach. Whereas my husband got a massive (and I mean massive!) apple strudel that was more like a personal apple pie!

Today’s journal prompt (there was 3 but I’m just choosing one) is:One simple thing I can do now to gain clarity on the path forward…is be mindful of my eating choices. I turned down getting an unhealthy pastry this morning, and instead later had a bit of a healthier option of some dark chocolate salty Boom Chicks Pop popcorn!


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