Day 226

Beauty begins the moment you decide  to be yourself ~ Coco Chanel
Today’s yoga was a 15 minute energizing flow from YogaTX. I was initially going to just do a few rounds of sun salutations, but this short routine included 2 sun salutations along with triangle pose!
Today’s Intention Inspired email was day 10 of 30 days of Brave and the topic today is I am Curious. And today’s brave act is to ask 3 consecutive why’s to someone today because, as the email states: by asking why 3  times we go beyond the surface-level habitual responses and get to the real root of a question or problem.
And part of what today’s affirmation raises is: when faced with fear my curiosity asks: “why am I scared of this?”
Today’s journal prompt was:
A recent fear that I would like to overcome?

I’m not sure I have an answer to this question.


Why does this fear make me feel scared and uncomfortable?

And again, since I’m not sure I have a fear…I can’t really answer the 3 why’s! But maybe if you are reading this, you might have a fear you’d like to overcome and asking yourself these 3 why’s can help you resolve this fear or problem!


Why does matter to me that I overcome this fear?
Why have I been previously ben unable to overcome this?

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