Day 225

Who seeks shall find. ~ Sophocles

Today’s yoga was a routine I posted yesterday for my Sunday relaxing Post It Note Yoga Instagram.

Cat cow

Low lunge -> 1/2 splits


Low lunge -> 1/2 splits




Seated forward fold

Side stretch

Seated cross leg twist

Revolved head to knee

Reclined pigeon

Hug one knee in -> One knee twist Repeat

Happy baby

Legs up the wall

Reclined butterfly/bound angle


Today’s Daily Calm meditation focus was on aversion, and how a lot of the time we’re focused on avoiding (or trying to) anything that is negative or unpleasant…And how we really shouldn’t try to avoid negative things but face them head on and then move on. It was interesting good for thought.

Today’s journal prompts of Day 9 of the 30 days of Brave, the theme of which is: I am Vulnerable, are:

A weakness that I’m struggling with …

Confidence in my yoga teaching. I haven’t taught yoga since I finished my yoga teacher training on March 12th, but I’ve finally just received my reference letter from the college I took the training at so when I get back to work after vacation I’ll approach my workplace’s HR department to discuss me teaching classes.

But because it’s been awhile, I’m starting to feel ‘rusty’ even though I’ve been doing my daily yoga practice myself still – day 479!


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