Day 223

Do something wonderful, people may imitate it. ~ Albert Schweitzer

Today’s yoga was day 7 of the YogaTX detox challenge. A full body fat burning workout. And I followed it with today’s daily calm which the focus is Earth since today is Earth Day!

Today is Day 2 of the free online conference offered by Embodied Philosophy on the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras. I’m currently watching a talk called: New Findings that Change our Understanding of the Yoga-Sutra by Christopher Hareesh Wallis, who teaches meditation, yoga darśana (philosophy), Tantrik philosophy, Sanskrit, mantra-science, and offers spiritual counseling.

Today’s day 7 of the I Am Brave challenge from Intention Inspired, and the theme is I am heroic and I am the hero of my story (aka life!).

Today’s journal prompts on this subject are:

If my life was a movie and it started today, what would the hero do?

Would I start doing ‘heroic’ things like rescuing people or animals needing rescued/saved? (But who is to say that someone or something needs saving?). I think I would just try to be the best version of myself. Be kind to people, have my heart open and ready to receive. I would try to become more mindful of my actions and my environment. Try to live in the present moment as much as possible! Difficult to do!


What old routines and patterns would the hero break?

To be less closed off emotionally. Again going back to being more open emotionally to people and experiences.

What new habits would the hero replace those old habits with?

This is easy. This is my goal for my challenge. To be healthier physically and lose weight. Make healthier food choices so that my body is healthy and I can continue to work in the mind and spirit aspects with my personal yoga practice and through teaching yoga!


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