Day 220

What is necessary to chane a person is to change his awareness of himself ~ Abraham Lincoln

The above quote was the inspirational quote included in my day 3 email of my Intention Inspired 30 day challenge –  30 days of brave – today being I Am Self Aware. And the little catchy subject line of the email was ‘know yourself to grow yourself’. Cute.

Today’s journal prompt was asking about strengths and weaknesses, specificially: one of my greatest strengths have been: my willpower – sticking to something when I really make a decision to do something!

On the flip side, one of my greatest weaknesses that I acknowledge is being not very open with my emotions. I’m very introverted, and growing up, I kept things inside alot to avoid drama (beause my home was filled with enough!)

Today’s yoga involved me unwinding after work, still at work, after a super busy and headache inducing day training my replacement in my job before I start a new job! I think I need to drink more water and less coffee tomorrow! I did a new YogaTX video –a gentle 30 minute beginner sequence . And I did my daily calm meditation this morning before work which was all about Santosha – a Sanskrit word meaning Contentment – contentment with how you are at this moment in time, with who you are, with your life. Not necessarily happy, but content (it’s one of the Niyamas).

And since I still have a pounding headache, despite drinking water at moment, I’m going to do Day 7 of the 21 days of Calm, a 14 minute meditation about External Cues as Mindfulness Reminders.



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