Day 216

Small is the number of them that see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts ~ Albert Einstein

This morning I woke up ‘late’, at 7am, got up, went downstairs, unrolled my mat and actually did all my pranayama breathing exercises first thing! (even the bandhas!). And then I did a 20 minute butt and thighs detox video from yogaTX, and because it’s spring and it’s allergy season and I get horrible hayfever, I decided to look for a yoga video to help with allergies and came across this 26 minute one which involved a whole lot of downward facing dogs but also shoulderstand, wheel and headstand, none of which I did because they aren’t in my practice and kind of intimidate me. But otherwise it was a good flow, with some alternate nostril breathing and 3 part breath to help clear sinuses.

Later today i’m going to finish working on putting together my 5 classes I want to teach at work based on the Yamas – the yogic philosophies, the first branch of the 8 limbs of yoga, that are all about things that are ‘restraints’ that you should live by – things you should do in living your own life and in interactions with others/the community. Whereas the Niyamas are observances that you should do, internal practices for living – and i’ll do 5 more classes on those after the Yamas. But right now i’m working on planning my Yamas classes the first one being Ahimsa, or non-violence/compassion to yourself and others.

Today’s Daily Calm meditation was on Shenpa, what negative things do you turn to (food, alcohol, etc) for comfort when things aren’t right.



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