Day 212

The most certain way to success is to always try just one more time ~ Thomas Edison

My yoga practice today was doing a few rounds of a moon salutation in the yoga space at work, after I had finished work. It was good, until 2 guys came in to use the ping pong table (that is strangely also in the yoga room!), where they played a couple rounds and then left again. But that was a bit distracting.

And last night I actually bought a paid subscription to the Calm app that I love and that i’ve been using for about 8 months, so now I have access to what they called the Daily Calm, daily 10 minute meditations, as well as so many different ‘series’ of meditations – for anxiety, for stress, a walking meditation, a commuting meditation, various meditations to help you sleep, for focus/concentration, self esteem…tons! I highly recommend the Calm app (and it’s on sale at the moment 12 months for the price of 9! which works out at $3.74 or something per MONTH! fantastic! Today’s daily calm meditation was about effort.


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