Day 211

Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that you can make anything happen. ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Today I woke up early to start the free online Accessible Yoga Conference through Yoga International. It was last year’s conference, that is available for free this weekend, – various videos and talks on various topics of accessible yoga. Saturday’s lineup is – a therapeutic yogapractice , yoga nidra to rediscover your essential wholeness, yoga for trauma, Integrated accessible yoga classes: how to serve all your students, a panel on yoga and body image, yoga for larger bodies, yoga for arthritis, and yoga for recovery.

I did a 20 minute gentle morning flow for beginners by Boho Beautiful, followed by my pranayama practice (the full thing), and ended by doing warmup exercises (i know, i know, they should have been done at the beginning!). And when I listened to the Yoga Nidra talk as part of the conference, we were guided through a 15 minute meditation to rediscover our inner selves, which was great.

The Yoga for Trauma talk was awesome. I took quite a few notes!

The talk on Integrated accessible yoga classes was good too, given by the founder of the Accessible Yoga Conference, Jivana Heyman, who has a background in Integral Yoga which is a form of Hatha yoga.

The Yoga and Body Image Coalition panel which was a 2 hour panel talk, talking about body image and what a yogi ‘looks’ like, and in today’s society that is: a thin, white, flexible woman doing complicated looking poses in a bikini on a beach. It was a fascinating and eye opening conversation. Along with the 1 hour and 36 minute audio talk by Dianne Bondy, a larger bodied yoga teacer who talked about Yoga for Larger Bodies. And she lead us through a great routine (and I didn’t even need to see her to do it!), and she gave examples of how to step through your foot to the front from down dog for bigger bodies which was awesome! and then offered some different transitions (like the stepping through to the front).


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