Day 210

Yuugen – (n) – In Japanese, an awareness of the universe that triggers emotional responses that are too mysterious and deep for words

This afternoon was really windy and blustery (which I noticed when I walked past a window in my office and saw a leaf floating UPWARDS!), and so my husband suggested maybe I could do my yoga practice after work, in my works yoga studio space, and then get a ride home with him when he finished work an hour later, to save me walking home in the very windy wind! (which was evident just walking the small distance from my building to the building next door where the yoga studio room is!).

I wasn’t even wearing appropriate pants for yoga! But thankfully my work pants were loose and comfortable enough to do yoga in (my top was yoga appropriate and I was wearing a sports bra). So I grabbed a chip foam block, chanted my OMs, followed by my pranayama practice (i’ve been neglecting my daily pranayama practice recently for some reason which is making me feel guilty because I know I should do it!). So I did, starting with the 4 purifications (minus agni sar dhouti because my pants didn’t make it possible to do that breathing exercise for some reason!), then ujjayi, bee humming breath and the 3 bandhas/locks.

Then I did a 28 minute total body yoga routine from YogaTX, which had a strange IT band stretch in it, and followed it with a 10 minute body scan meditation with my Calm app – and then I had 8 minutes to spare to meet my husband at the end of his shift! So I’d completed  my whole yoga practice (minus warm ups that is!) – which included chanting, pranayam, asana and meditation within an hour!


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