Day 207

A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool. ~ William Shakespeare

I was itching to get home from work today so I could do my yoga! I started with some warm up exercises (going from head to toe), and then I warmed up with a sun salutation variation I included my latest Post-It-Note-Yoga routine which is as follows:

Mountain -> Forward Fold and half lift -> low lunge -> cat cow -> downward dog -> child’s pose -> low lunge -> forward fold -> Mountain. Then I did an18 minute YogaTX video for sore muscles after a workout, and I’m going to take some of the things to include in my own classes (mainly the seated cat cow opening the chest and stretching the back).

And then my Calm app for today and tomorrow only is FREE so I can listen to the daily Calm meditation (if you subscribe and pay for the app you get daily 10 minute meditations) – today’s about trust.

I’m suffering from allergies already this year (despite the rain and cold, the tree pollen is still affecting me!). I tried to do some pranayama exercises (alternate nostril breathing) but I’m too congested today. Frustrated!


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