Day 204

Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhileration of victory ~ George S. Patton


Today’s yoga practice I dragged my tired butt out of bed, even though I could have slept a lot longer as had a late night last night at a concert (seeing one of my favourite bands The Tea Party), and didn’t get to bed til about 12:30 – late for me!

This morning I just did a short easy and gentle routine from YogaTX. It was a nice way to kind of wake up a little bit.

And now I’m on my way to visit my dad, brother, Grandma and other relatives, on the 1 hour 40 min ferry trip for my grandma’s 94th birthday celebrations this weekend (and joint with my brother whose birthday is a day after my grandma’s on March 30th).

I brought my thin yoga mat with me so I can actually do yoga on a proper mat at my dad’s instead of on a folded over duvet or blanket which makes for a kind of slippery yoga practice! I’m going to leave the mat at my dad’s for future use. It’s my ‘spare’ thin travel mat. I have 3 others! (One at work and 2 at home. Is that excessive? Perhaps!

After I finished the yoga, I did today’s day 19 of the 21 day meditation for weight loss challenge – all about bring worthy and deserving – of my ideal weight and ideal body. 2 more days!



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