Day 202

If you’re making mistakes, it means you’re out there doing something ~ Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman is one of my favourite authors. He’s a great storyteller and has lots of inspirational quotes and speeches that can be found (on his blog or elsewhere on the internet). One of my favourite things is a speech by him called Make Good Art. a commencement speech he gave in May 2012 at Philadelphia’s University of the Arts. Go look it up. It’s great. That’s where the above quote comes from.

Today I went to another of the yoga classes put on at work. It was a different teacher from Tuesday – I’ve taken one of her classes before, in the Fall. And I have to say compared to Tuesday’s class this one was a million times better, because the instructor actually observed us (granted there were only 5 of us today compared to about the 20 on Tuesday (and yesterday apparently), and offered modifications or alternatives to poses if she saw we needed them, and also showed us how to correct our poses if they weren’t right. And her sequence was really good too. Overall I really enjoyed it. Still no Om’s (but that’s okay), and still no Namaste at the end (grrr!) but overall it was a great class. Only downside (well, there was 2) is it was too late in the day for me, personnally (2pm) and that there was cold air blowing down from a vent so I was freezing on one side when we were in shavasana! so that wasn’t nice. But neither of those things are the teachers fault!

When I got home I made some healthy carrot cake muffins (with healthy cream cheese and greek yogurt frosting!) and then I did today’s Day 17 of the 2 days of meditation for weight loss. Today’s mantra/focus was: I am guided, guided to my ideal body. And that was my practice today. And going to end the day with a nice long walk in the off-leash trail park with the dog in the sunshine!


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