Day 200

The most effective way to do it, is to do it. ~ Amelia Earhart

Yoga teacher training has ruined yoga classes for me! I’d heard that before, and I heard it from my teachers – how they have to do yoga at the front of the class now so that they don’t see everyone else in class doing the poses incorrectly or badly.

Yoga teacher training has ruined yoga classes for me! Lol went to my first yoga class (at work)…And the teacher was OK… But I found so many little things to criticize!! She forgot to repeat balancing half Moon on one side, she didn’t tell people to flex their foot (which protects the knee!) in pigeon pose…She had a couple awkward transitions, the first half of class was a super basic Vinyasa flow (plank, cobra/updog, down dog, forward fold, half lift). She didn’t do any twists…(so didn’t do poses from all the different categories of poses – standing, crouching seated, back bends, supine/inversions. She didn’t do any warm ups – except maybe cat cow near the beginning of class and  she ended with A SUPER short (3 min) shavasana… And not even any Namaste at the end! *Pulls hair out*. The way she taught was just basically telling people to go into certain poses. At least she reminded us to breathe! LOL but anyone can teach yoga that way….! AND she didn’t ask about any health injuries or issues! At least one of my practicum students was also in the class and she still prefers my way of teaching!!

I don’t mean to rag on the poor girl (and yet…!). She had a good voice…and had an okay sequence (a bit basic and boring though)…but it’s just not the more indepth way I’ve been taught to teach. I could comment on the fact that she barely acknowledged anyone in class, didn’t really look at us, or see us, didn’t correct anyone’s poses (even though I saw some people doing poses ‘incorrectly’ around me!), didn’t give many beneficial cues (no hinge at the hips in forward fold, just ‘bow forward’, or explaining how to place our hands in cobra.. oh and she did most of the class herself too! (which we’re taught not to just do the whole class so we can observe our students in the poses). She walked around a tiny bit, but didn’t actually look at anyone, didn’t actually OBSERVE. SO FRUSTRATING! At least I knew I was doing it safely and correctly! Oh, and another little rant: she didn’t start (or end) the class with any OM’s either. Which is okay I guess… *takes a deep breath*. Okay…rant over.


I did day 15 of the 21 day meditation for weight loss challenge when I got home from work  – the focus today being breathing peace – I am at peace and I peacefully release excess weight.



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