Day 197

If you fell down yesterday, stand up today. ~ H.G. Wells

I like the simplicity of this quote by H.G. Wells. It reminds us that tomorrow (or today – or even every moment!) is another opportunity to try again. If yesterday or an hour ago didn’t turn out how you planned, or if something bad happened, today is another today and you can always start again fresh!

Today I slept in and got up just before 8am and went downstairs to do some morning yoga videos to help wake up my body, thanks to YogaTX. I did 2 videos. a 17 minute Gentle and Relaxing Yoga for Energy routine that was all seated (and lying down) and followed it with a 10 minute Stretch and Strengthen sequence. And then I went upstairs to my meditation cushion in my yoga room to do all my breathing exercises (intermediate pranayama sequence – nadi shodan, kapala bhati, agni sar dhouti, ashwini mudra – then ujjayi and brahmari breath and then the 3 bandhas. Then I ended my practice with Day 12 of the 21 Day meditation for weight loss – all about Letting Go – letting go of fear, concerns worries, to allow for you to become relaxed and stress free and able to release excess weight. I do find that in the last week I have been eating healthier and making more conscious eating choices – eating more fruit!

Since today is Saturday it’s Hufflepuff Bendy Badger Yoga Saturday in the Hogwart’s Running Club common room (a Facebook group), so the article (and video) I shared today was How to Release The Stress Stored in Our Bodies . Fascinating article about the psoas muscle, and a short routine to help stretch it out!


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