Day 195

Ego =1/Knowledge” More the knowledge lesser the ego, lesser the knowledge more the ego ~ Albert Einstein

Today I got a lovely email from one of my practicum students asking me when I’m able to start teaching at work again (officially, as certified!) because she had gone to one of the corporate yoga classes my work has recently started (3 times a week! sad face which possibly eats into my teaching opportunities?), and she said she found my way of teaching much more beneficial and less full of ego! which was SO great to hear and which made my day! And which was a great validation of the way I’ve learned to teach traditional hatha yoga through the college I took it at (Langara) as a Continuing Studies program. I even let one of the instructors know of the feedback from my student so they could know how much their way of teaching holistic yoga classes is beneficial to others – and not just like every other ‘modern’ yoga class which is all about a workout or exercise (for the most part) and less about the more ‘caring’ aspects of meditation and pranayam.

Today when I got home from work I did the final day of the Yoga week from YogaTX – Day 7 all about Gratitude In Ourselves,  a nice 24 minute sequence, followed by Day 10 of the 21 days of meditation for weightloss – the mantra of which was I am strong, secure and grounded and I easily release the excess weight.

Oh and I think I forgot to mention, last week I got my final grade for my practicum class (worth 40% of my overall grade) – I got 93%! and lots of great positive feedback and only a few minor things to work on (the main one being speed of the class – which I knew – it was just a tiny bit rushed).



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