Day 194

What counts can’t always be counted; what can be counted doesn’t always count. ~ Albert Einstein

Today I came up with a yoga routine while walking to work! It’ll be another post it note yoga post on my new Instagram account (post_it_note_yoga). and it ended up being exactly 30 minutes with an added 5 minute shavasana at the end!

When I got home I did YogaTX’s YogaWeek Day 5 – a Heating and Energizing routine for 27 minutes, which seemed almost identical to my own routine I thought up today! (with a crescent lunge followed by a twist open to the side!). A very funny and bizarre coincidence!

And I did day 9 of the 21 days of meditation weight loss challenge, which was all about feeling protected and safe and because you feel safe and protected, you can be able to let go of weight.





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