Post-it note yoga

The other day I hurriedly wrote down a yoga sequence on a post it note at the end of my work day so I could do some yoga after work while waiting for my husbandto finish work an hour later. The sequence came to be super easily, and I threw in a couple more poses organically as I went along. And I was super happy with how quickly and easily the routine cane together without too much thought! I’d been putting off putting together more of my own sequences, favouring the ease of YouTube videos of other yoga teachers online instead, thinking that designing my own sequence would be hard and time consuming – but I was wrong! And in fact enjoyed it, squeezing it all into a small bit of paper. I posted the first post-it yoga post on my Instagram and got quite a few likes and comments….And thought, maybe I have something here! So I did up another post-it routine last night for today. And shared today’s one on Instagram and got more likes! (And followers).

I think I might have something here! I want to get pretty post-it notes to write on now!





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