Day 191

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct. -Carl Jung

I woke at 7:20am. On a Sunday! and went downstairs to do some yoga. I started by warming up for the day by doing a morning yoga video through Yoga Tx – an 18 minute Gentle Sequence to Start the Day. And then I went upstairs to practice doing Dancer pose in my yoga room, following my cuing instructions from my manual.

I saw that Yoga With Adriene had a new video today – a 36 minute Yoga for Weightloss Healthy Energy Flow which I was going to save and do tomorrow, but then decided, because my husband was still asleep, to do it right after doing the morning video (and dancer pose practice). I was a great video. Just what I needed today! Then I was going to wait to do my pranayama exercises and meditation, but my husband was STILL asleep (it was only about 9am) so I decided to do my pranayama exercises followed by day 6 of the 21 day meditation for weight loss challenge , which was focused on being healing light, and that we are life force vitality (which was only 9 minutes). By the time I finished all my yoga (almost 1 hour of yoga in total), followed by about 15 of pranayama (the 4 purifications, ujjayi and brahmari breath and 3 bandhas), and 10 minute guided meditation for weight loss…

By then it was about 9:20 and my husband still wasn’t up (though I’d been up for 2 hours doing my yoga practice!) so I crawled back into bed for a bit more sleep, and got up at 10 to make a healthy smoothie to start the day (spinach, banana, ginger, lemon, pineapple, orange juice, stawberries, unsweeteed cashew milk).

Tomorrow i’ll do another post-it note yoga routine and day 4 of the yoga TX yoga week series – all about balance.


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