Day 190

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. ~ Mother Teresa

Today I started my morning before heading off to my First Aid and CPR course that is required for me to be a yoga teacher, by doing a morning yoga video through Yoga TX Gentle Yoga to Start Your Day, a nice 20 minute routine which included some alternate nostril breathing!

Then I did day 5 of the 21 day meditation for weight loss challenge – and the focus of today’s 9 minute meditation was self love and loving your body.

Then I headed off for my 8 hour First Aid, CPR and AED course! It was great. I learned a lot, and I got 100% on the test at the end (it was only 30 multiple choice questions). But I’m now certified for 3 years.

When I got home, I took the dog for a half hour walk because it was so nice and sunny out (but still a bit chilly!) and then when I got home I did my pranayama exercises (and chanting OM to start my practice), before doing day 3 of Yoga TX’s Yogaweek with Cole Chance – which was a great 24 minute strength building practice. So I kind of did things a little backwards today.

I also took out from my yoga teacher training manual the poses that I struggle with a bit, and i’m going to choose one of the poses that are more of a challenge for me and do it every day for a week (along with the rest of my daily sadhana or practice!). I did camel pose in today’s morning video, which is one of the poses that i struggle with (at least doing the full expression of the pose – I can do modifications of it – but I’d like to be able to eventually do the full pose – of all of my challenging poses – which thankfully their aren’t many!)


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