Day 184

All endings are also beginnings. We just don’t know it at the time ~ Mitch Albom

Today is bittersweet. Today was the last day of my 6th month Yoga Teacher Training program at Langara College (as evidenced by this cake!)


I can’t believe it’s been 6 months – it feels like a year, and at the same time just 6 months and at the same time only about a month! a lifetime’s worth of knowledge and experience and experiential learning in such a short period of time!

I’ve created a Facebook group for all the students to stay in touch and stay in contact, to share ideas/inspiration/knowledge and success stories – whatever! everything from recipes, to inspirational quotes to interesting articles that others might find interesting, to being able to connect to arrange getting together for teaching practice or study sessions or whatever. I think a Facebook group is a great forum for us to all continue to grow and evolve as yoga teachers and to continue to support each other! I learned today that the 16 students we had in the program was one of the smallest cohorts the program has had over the years – which surprised me! because I thought 16 was a lot! but according to the teachers it was a small and ‘intimate’ group! which I am thankful and grateful for because I think bigger it would be …not as good, I don’t think.

Though the 16 students ended up being 15 as one was unable to finish the program right at the very end unfortunately, but such is life.

This weekend was a beautiful and inspiring and whirlwind two days! I was grateful that today was more ‘relaxing’ with just 3 yoga classes to take part in, followed by a discussion circle and then a beautiful closing ceremony.

We started the day nice and gentle, with a 10 or 15 minute shavasana – to help people ‘recover’ from the whole Daylight Savings Time thing last night! and it was also nice and grounding for the 5 people who had to teach today!

I took two classes in the ‘small’ room (aka the student lounge where we usually ate lunch!) in the morning, both were great! The first one was taught by the youngest student in the program – a girl who is only 19 – and she started the class in shavasana! And then the next class was great too – everyone’s classes were all so unique and different!  Then after lunch was the final class which had originally be scheduled to be in the small room but was then moved to the big room. It was a nice final class because the teacher started with shavasana (another person!) and of course also ended with shavasana! It was a nice gentle class, and it actually didn’t feel like we did too many poses before it was all over and time for the 2nd (and final!) shavasana and then meditation!

Afterwards we all got together in a circle to discuss our thoughts and feelings about the weekend and about the program in general, which was nice.

And then we moved to our beautiful final closing ceremony, where beautiful silk tapestries/fabric were placed on the floor, along with about 8 or 9 plates full of fresh flower (rose) petals) and a plate with various items on it (candle, incense and other ritual things (a shell, some tiny metal cups of stuff that one of the teachers scattered around at a few points), some bells, some flower buds etc. And then we chanted various mantras – for peace, for healing, for helping through death/transitions, for universal consciousness and unity, and throughout we scattered the flower petals as offerings/ sacrafices onto the fabric in the middle of the circle we all made sitting around the outside! and then we took the ribbon that ran around the entire outside of our circle, which represented unity, and each cut a piece of an equal length, to keep and do whatever we want with – use as a bookmark, a bracelet, whatever! And we also tied a little bit of pretty red and gold string around our neighbours right wrists, tying it with 3 knots, representing creation, preservation and destruction that we are supposed to wear for 24 hours and then we can take it off, or continue to wear it until it falls off. What beautiful symbolism!

After the flower petal offering ceremony was done, one of the students said some words to all the teachers that were present (5 of them), thanking them for everything they have taught us and we have learned over the last 6 months and how grateful we all have been to have been on such a beautiful and transformative journey of mind, body and spirit. And then we gave them our parting gifts of 5 beautiful potted  flowers, and cards signed by all the students and also coffee gift cards.

And then we had a group photo. and then we each went up to the front of the room and accepted a card from one teacher full of inspiring quotes, signed by each of the teachers, and then the second teacher gave us a beautiful yellow rose, and the third gave us an envelope with 2 photos in it  – inspiring yoga quotes:

card 1 was a to do checklist that says:

  • Yoga
  • Smile
  • Be Awesome

and the 2nd card is a hand holding a flower which says:

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. ~ The Dalai Lama

And then we had cake!

(and we were told that this wasn’t our certificate or anything, that we have to still apply for our actual certificate once all our grades are in the system – and once I send them proof of my CPR class that I’m planning on taking next Saturday!)

And then after that we were done! and we were all somewhat loathe to actually leave, feeling a little at a loose end!

And that was the end! (of course I still need to get my final marks from my last assignments, and my final marks overall)…



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